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Yes.. very unique and at a nice price. When you string it you think it is really going to play stiff. The only probelm I had was breaking it a bit too soon to be cost effective for me. It may hold up better in the c 10. Time will tell. Did you do a full bed?
Yes, full bed of the black 17G, which looks good in the 2010 yellow model. I've heard on other forums that the 17G plays better than the 16G, but I've never tried the 16. At the new price, RIP is hard to beat. I previously had Prince syn original installed at 63 lbs, and that felt too stiff and was bugging my shoulder a bit. The other advantage I am noticing is more spin. Certainly more than my other frame strung with 15L gut. I noticed that serves were getting more kick which of course is also a function of the gauge. The jury is still out on how long it lasts since its newly strung. Gut is still the winner on comfort and feel, but I think for overall price / performance this may be my new go to string setup.
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