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travlerjam knows his stuff. If the woman hits really weak shots you have to gamble more and try to hit those shots for her. Else she's going to hit a weak shot that the other guy is going to poach on. A weak women's shot makes it so that the next shot (or the one after that will force you into an error). So you try to poach often, cover your line, cover her lob when she's at the net. It's a lot things to cover.

It's very important the woman be able to handle volleys and hard groundstrokes hit right at her while at net. If she coughs up a weak reply often at the net you're toast. You can cover the middle, your side, lobs over her but you can't cover the groundstroke at her while she's at net.

So find one that can volley and you're set, everything else you can help out on.
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