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no, I know for a fact he is not a kid. I was told by another TT user, the guy I bought the other racket from at the same time, that he is an adult or at least over 25, and he also told me his occupation, which makes me wonder why he has been lacking in communication, as you say that anyone below 25 with few refs is suspect for bad deals.

And thank you for the comment . I have my dumb moments. I look back at when I was 15 and think "wow I was so stupid then!" and Im sure when I turn thirty, I will look back to my age now and think "wow, I was so supid then!" I have been told that will happen by my grandpa. He looks back at when he was 60 and thinks "wow I was so stupid then!" and hes 80 now.

I have history of doing pretty stupid things more than the normal teenager that I learned from and I think they made me a better person now.But these are all just typed words on a forum, for all you know, I could be an ex con who is forty years old who just got out of prison, or I could be a 12 year old brat who is just saying these things to get people to think thats who I am.
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