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Originally Posted by JoeR View Post
In a previous life, I could bench 3 sets of 10 with 200lbs, and I was able to smash the heck out of a golf ball on the course.

These days, I'd probably be lucky to get 100lbs up six times in a row... and I'd be lucky to get 150 yards out of a 3 iron, let alone a pitching wedge.
Is there something that is stopping you from getting back to lifting?

Besides the extra power in golf/tennis, did you used to overall feel better about yourself when you were lifting?

Would you be satisfied if you even only increased your current weight maximum by 20% with a twice a week regimen?

The reason I ask, is many are busy and feel that they just don't have the time to lift like they used to.

But most could be significantly stronger than they are currently, without having to make the time commitment they used to, and just realizing that being somewhat stronger is a lot better than nothing.
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