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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
Well apparently Mac didn't like the retail version of the wood Maxply McEnroe, it was made for him so i don't know what they were doing?

And apparently I heard in 1982 Mac was actually using the Dunlop Maxply Fort he used in 1981, under the Maxply McEnroe paintjob! This would explain the brown grip to some extent. Anyone know anything about this?

Anyway the customized Mac racket I have is a gripsize 5 yes, but no gripsize/weight sticker, I must weigh it at some point!
Bit out of topic, but...For sure, the racquet used by MAc was not the standard Maxply Mcenroe, but I don't think it was a paintjob of the maxply fort...He started with a prototype at the end of '81-beginning '82, which I guess (from the pics) was a fort with a glassfiber instead of wood reinforce in the lower part of the head (dunlop written in red on the handle and light brown wooden reinforce above the grip, as the fort).
Later he switched to a racquet where this reinforce is dark brown, much more than the retail maxply mcenroe version. It might be a fort painted to mimic the retail mcenroe or a graphite instead of wood reinforce...I've never been able to solve the mystery!!
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