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Originally Posted by fundrazer View Post
Never understand how people can tell others which shoes to get. Everybody's feet are different, you're own two feet are probably not even the same. I liked my GR2's from Asics, but the breathe 2k10 and now the cc feather II have proven to be the best fit for my feet.

Asics makes great high quality shoes, but they're not for everyone.

Shoes are not something I buy online for the same reason....I want to try them on first. But my kids ordered me Adidas Bercuda for Christmas despite my specific wishes NOT to get shoes that were ordered online. So I had no choice. Thankfully, the Asics Gel Game 4 were fantastic and all props' to TW for their superior customer service and turnaround.

The only other pair of Asics I've ever had was back in the mid 90's and my experience was exactly the same....unbelievable comfort from the first wearing. This leads me to believe that Asics is superior. I've been an Adidas guy forever, but truth be last several pair of Adidas for casual wear (Superstars/shell toe) have not been up to previous standards. I think Adidas has slipped significantly.
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