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Originally Posted by corners View Post
It might depend on how big you are. The Formula could be compared to the Babolat Pure Drive, indeed TW's playtesters pretty much said it was a Pure Drive with better feel and comfort. The Pro One could be compared, by specs and by experimentally measured power potential, to the Pure Drive Roddick, a heavier and more solid version of the Pure Drive. If you are smaller in stature you might find the Formula easier to swing, but if you're a big guy the Pro One would be a better fit. That said, stature isn't everything. A lot of people that visit these boards "graduate" from lighter sticks to heavier sticks. Some of them then go back to lighter sticks and some tend to yoyo back and forth, because both light and heavy sticks have their advantages. Some people can't decide which advantages are more advantageous for their games.

And regardless of stature, there is technique to consider. Given your age, I imagine you have somewhat "old school" technique - you tend to drive the ball with topspin rather than brushing up the back of it in the windshield wiper style. If that's the case, the lightness of the Formula might not do you any good, as it's designed for brushing, and the heft and plowthrough of the Pro One would be a better fit. I'm biased towards heavier, more flexible racquets myself, even though I'm short and hit with "modern" technique. I think, especially for the aging player, arm health has to be considered, and even though the Formula is supposed to be pretty comfortable, the Pro One will be safer for your joints. So I say Pro One, but you should demo both if you can. If you do, you might want to throw the Donnay Gold 99 into the mix too. Despite the super-thin beams of the X-Dual series, they have surprisingly good pop, and an older school feel that might remind you of some of the frames of your youth.
Thanks for the reply.

I'm 5'9", 165 lbs. Pretty good athletic shape (I work out about 1.5 hrs a day, 6 days a week).

You're right about my technique. I used to use a "old school" technique where you drive the ball with topspin (forehand and backhand).

But I'm open to learning the new techniques if that's what it takes to use the new, modern racquets.

Do you think the Pro One midsize is better for me than the Pro One OS (oversize)?

My old stick was the Head Trisys 260 (Austrian version).

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