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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Grizzlies made a short-term move IMO. Gay was owed a lot of money over the next two years and the impression was that the Grizzlies can't afford to throw 50+million on three guys. Gasol is untouchable and ZBo is still producing. Gay's having a lousy year and one of the guys they got has comparable numbers to Gay.

I don't know if this really helped or hurt the team. The fact they want to avoid the luxury tax like the plague make me believe management has no faith in them competing for a title this year.
I think it's a good move, most teams don't have a perimeter stopper, and now Memphis Grizzles have two perimeter stopper (Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince). In the Western Conference with its guards, I think it's a good move. We all know Mike Conley is a good point guard, but he can't guard anyone (lack of size, not lack of effort.)
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