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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
There will be very few high level players using this stick. Are you a legit 5.0? or just another TT 5.0 level player like about 98% of the posters here who make that claim. Lets see how many tour players end up using this toy racket.
I don't agree. The frame sold out here in two days after it arrived. The majority of purchasers were NTRP-verified 5.0's.

Originally Posted by couch View Post
Yes, I am a legitimate 5.0. At least that's what it states on the USTA website and Tennislink.

High-level players use all types of racquets and have the "ability" to use all types of racquets. It boils down to what fits your game and style. I have a friend that played Junior Davis Cup for India that uses a newer Prince Hornet. I have another friend that grew up playing in SoCal and played at an Ivy League school and plays with a blade. So different strokes.....

I think you may see some female tour players playing with this frame but very few, if any, male pros. Male pros just won't be able to keep strings in these things. And just because you don't see any "pros" playing with this stick doesn't mean it's not a good option for 5.0s and below. Posters on here want to equate a pro's game to their own and that's a big mistake. Even at a 5.0 level you are no where near the level of a male touring pro.
Great post. Wilson has already said, or Drak posted, that tour level players won't see any benefit. Their technique and stroke production doesn't need any assistance.

I'm a verified 4.5 and add me to the list of those who think this stick is great.
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