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Seeing this thread revived inspired me to break out my London's yet again. I'm not sure why I go away from these frames! When I first tested them out I strung them with synthetic gut at 60lbs. I recently restrung one with Black Widow 17 and I love it! Everything is better with the poly in there! It's been so solid I took my 2 off the sale rack & picked up 2 more at a great price. I need to play some competitive matches with it & see how it works out. I put them on the shelf when the Donnay Pro 1 came out because it had more stability and easier power especially on my 2HBH. But in drills today the London felt amazing. The only minor deficiency was less power on the backhand. On the plus side it swings easier than the P1. Great racquet. Would love to see an update in the future.
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