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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
I'm not convinced there is any "back door" into the pro ranks. One of my player's hitting partners is a woman on the Futures circuit. It's tough. She sometines has to travel far to earn points so she can get in main draws and avoid the qualies. Nothing back door about it that I can see. But I am open to correction.
i agree with you , TCF said his daughter was going to win the OB Eddie Herr ect. and head through some type of front door , not like we are having to do play futures wherever they exist in this country or abroad to gain points and get into the next level ,Challengers, the 250 , 500, 1000 .

It is just like the juniors start at the bottom getting your 1ST WIN then a tournament , then higher levels all the way up to Nationals and you have to have a decent ranking to get in those , It is a process I don't think TCF understands yet but he and his daughter need to win a match first and it will all start making sense to him .
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