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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Well Fed is 31 and has played 58, Rafa 25 has played 27 and Sampras only played in 28 in 12+ years.

Sampras record meh.......but Rafa and Fed have played about the same number of ties based on age/time played.

Fed gets the award only cause he has played semi-regularly over his total got guys like Hewitt and others who blow all three out of the water. Without looking it up I bet the majority of Feds ties were at the start of his career with a huge drop off at his peak.
Well Hewitt is also getting the award. Like I said, 299 getting it. I guess they're making up for lost years since it's a new award.

And sure, Federer played a lot at the beginning of his career but the only year he hasn't participated since 1999 was 2010. So I don't know why some people here are whining that he doesn't deserve it.
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