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I put Gamma leather on my new IG Rad Pros, and I also use an overgrip on top. - Just didn't want to use the synthetic leather grip that it comes with. But to be honest, I don't really care about weight, balance etc... So I don't even know how heavy etc. it is.
I've been using the following set ups recently, and rather unsystematically:
Head LM Rad MP with Head Hydrosorb + overgrip
Head LM Rad MP with Head Leather + overgrip
Head MG Rad Pro with Hydrosorb + overgrip
Head IG Rad Pro with Gamma Leather + overgrip
And I've ordered a Völkl C10 Pro, which I'll be using with the original grip + overgrip.
- While I'm bound to run "hot" or "cold" on the court, I never blame it on the set up I'm using. In fact, I'd even say that I'm getting better as a general trend, but that's mainly a practice effect. I'm know I'm not gonna win Wimbledon, but I'm getting so much out of tennis now. The most important thing to me is that it is a lot of fun using different set ups.
Oh, and as an answer to the original question: Yes, I like the Gamma leather grip
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