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Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
Here is the info from the Davis Cup website...

Commitment Award
This Award is being presented by the ITF to players who have shown long-standing dedication to representing their country in this prestigious competition. Each Award recipient has competed in a minimum of 20 home or away ties or 50 ties at any level of the competition (including Zone Group Events) over their career.

The Award was conceived as part of the ITF’s 2013 Centenary celebrations and will be launched at the 100th Davis Cup Final in 2012. Initially 299 players met the criteria with awards presented throughout 2013. All recipients are recognised on an honours board at the ITF headquarters and in a dedicated section on the official Davis Cup website. The record holder for the most ties played in all levels of the competition is Domenico Vicini from San Marino, who played a total of 87 ties. With 66 ties played, Italy’s Nicola Pietrangeli heads the elite list of players who have competed in 20 home or away ties for their country.

Now, I fail to see why Federer wouldn't be deserving out of 299 players. My guess is they picked a minimum of 1 player from each participating country. Please tell me which player from Switzerland you haters would pick over Federer and give me a valid argument to support that choice. The OP should have mentioned the other 298 winners of this "award" in their original post.
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