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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
"Reach" is more than just about arm reach.

It's about being able to lunge, or run through the ball, and put some controlled heat on it. I think the 1hbh has the lead here.
Interesting. Ideally, we modify our body position (we use different footwork patterns, jump or bend our knees) so that we're still using, overall the same form for every ball. Obviously, it can happen at times that you can't do it, which calls for unusual positions...

What then comes to my mind is who, between a two handed player and a one handed player, pays the greater price for cheating on his form? That is, who makes the least out of the exceptional situation you introduce here?

Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
I'd like to see, or at least read more about this study. Any links or other information?
I didn't read the study myself... someone reported it in a backhand thread. I'll see if I can get a link.
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