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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Try hitting your backhand like a left handed forehand before switching to a 1 hander since that is a major change.
When I first started 6 or 7 years ago, I went back and forth between a 1hbh and a 2hbh, and it wasnt too bad, until I messed up my rotator cuff that sidelined me for a few months, didnt have to have surgery, but I had to go through some PT. Cause me to miss my freshman year of tennis play in high school. I occasionally will hit a one handed back hand on excessively high bouncing balls or just for sh**s and giggles. But thats a very rare occasion. And as for volleys, I have a really good backhand volley, and my forehand, I usually put to much on it. And since I dont have the best mobility, Its pretty easy to pass me. and my overheads can be good, it all depends on how my rotator cuff is, my serve can irritate it too. But not as much.
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