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Originally Posted by jma View Post
It was actually boys, and the results were from kids in the same grade.

With boys it is still true you can have a 15 yr old in the junior class playing a 17 yr old who is also a junior, yet these two boys can be at vastly different levels of physical maturity. If you've ever read the book Outliers it provides a fascinating account of how age within a given bracket can influence perceived achievement.

Personally, I like that UT doesn't care about age when it does it's rankings, but I also understand college coaches need to know who is in a recruiting class. UT gives no indication of how old a player is or when they graduate. Some combination of the two would be ideal.
The age difference may be the cause, as you suggested. Perhaps, my son is an outlier. He was one of the 15 yr old juniora 3 months ago. Ranked about 125, his record against 2-3 stars (seniors included) was 24-0. If the tournament is one of the USTA Regionals, would it also be possible that a lower ranked boy is from a strong section, like FL or SoCal and his higher ranked opponent is from a weak section, like Northern; or the lower ranked boy is just coming back from a major injury and he was ranked much higher a few months ago? The TRN ranking is also getting more accurate if one plays more tournaments, especially, national events.
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