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Originally Posted by jacp View Post
Hello everybody,
I will appreciate you thoughts on both racquets. Has anybody played both back to back?
I have both and I am in process of deciding which to make #1 and buy more of.
Dunlop is freshly strung with Tonic+(BT) 16@57.
Wilson still has fairly chewed-up TF X1@52 (waiting to break, to use Tonic+ 16@50).
Wilson is stock, Dunlop has 2&2g lead at 3&9 and overgrip=344g, 6HL (thinking of adding 6g to hadle).
I am flat hitter, 1HBKH.
I've played with both. And 4D 100 is actually my stick of choice sine 2010 and I use it with 1,5 g of lead on 3&9. Gives far more stability and some power, specially on the returns when I just block the ball with my bkh slice.
Both racquets have quite a muted feel IMO. I fell that the Dunlop has a slightly bigger sweet spot and is far more maneuverable. In stock Wilson seems to be more stable and that's why I've added some lead. Solves the problem. You can surely hit bigger with the PS, but Dunlop is just easier to play with. Spin generation is quite the same I think. Both racquets are great for serving, but the Dunlop is the best racquet for volleys I have ever used.
I really like the plow that Wilson offer on my forehand (long swing, eastern grip), unfortunetly I can't get the same effort with the Dunlop. Dunlop great for 2HBH even though I mostly use my 1BKH slice. Overall I just find the Dunlop to be much easier to play, with the low mass (specially on my forehand) beeing the only downside. Just tiny bit more plow would be great.
I string my with Polystar Turbo mains and Cannon Explosive crosses, 52/54 lbs.
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