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Originally Posted by acura9927 View Post

I always held her as the role model for every guy out there trying to land the one. Beauty Brains Class you name it she has it.
And now Divorced.
Looking at the pictures of the famous couple, it looked like match made in Heaven. I would have bet the house it would last forever.
Makes us mere average people wonder how to make it last and whether our shelf life with our SO will be enough. I'm talking whether we are interesting enough to keep someone.
Unreal. You have no idea what either of those two people are like in real life, so why would you hold them up as an example of anything that pertains directly to you? The superficial image that they presented to the public is not an indication of their reality either. Perhaps it's time for you to develop a more mature perspective on your own life and put the lives of celebrities in the "trivia" basket where they belong.
Pros should stop wasting money on coaches and doctors and just read the experts on this forum.
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