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Originally Posted by librarysteg View Post
Did you see Team Serbia has been complaining about the courts in Belgium?

Djokovic and the rest of his Serbian team are unhappy that a clay surface has been laid on top of a parquet floor.

"This is definitely the worst court we have ever played on," he told a news conference on Thursday. "We're all putting our health at stake here.

"How is it possible that a clay court can be solid and can be a successful, playable court if it's built on parquet? We tried to slide a few times ... but our feet stayed under ground."

You know what's even worse than this? The fact that Lance showed up with 2 bodyguards and team from the Serbian Police. He also has 13 personal security men that were assigned to him by the Belgian Tennis Federation. How can Lance fans not laugh at this kind of nonsense? He really thinks too highly of himself that much is clear.
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