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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
Ahem, ahem...
Person ahead of you can not be blocking you - it is your responsibillity to take care of them, not other way around. They do not have eyes on the back of their head, neither they are obliged to look behind (although common sense would say so), unless thay are starting from stand still or merging the trail.

In other words, you shold be able to stop or avoid, no mather what happens ahead of you. If you are mostly "beaming" the slope and are bothered by slower users, that simply means that you are riding above your abilities or conditions of slope or traffic.

Also what are you actually doing when "carving to control the speed"? Just curious...
Basically braking so I don't go too fast and kill myself.

I get that I should be responsible for people in front of me, and that I should avoid them too. But at the same time, I'm just speaking out to people who don't ride according to their limit.

If you can't handle a certain slope, then don't be on that slope.
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