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That's BS. They have USTA sanctioned mixed matches. The weaker player be it man or woman should always get it. You have a bunch of women now that can't play but they will get on the courts with men at 8.0 and 9.0 mixed just to say they played at that level. Many times what you get is two men trying to show out and play each other while the women stand there with their raquets basically down to their waist looking like picture takers. Many of them barely break a sweat. Then when they get in a match with people that are trying to win, they start moaning about being picked on. Men do it in men's doubles. I don't know what makes women think they are exempt from this. I remember clearly being a target in a couple of tourneys I played in with men's doubles. I stepped up and got them off of me quick and won both tourneys playing with guys that were two levels above me. A doubles team is only as strong as it's weaker link. Anyone who knows anything about doubles knows that.

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I played a liitle mixed and always hated when people picked on the weaker player. It just lead to short points and boring tennis. Nobody is learning anything from getting picked on in a match. Mixed is a social a game. It around for people to have a good time and socialize. There always seem to be some major mis-matches in mixed and if they are really exploited it just ruins the match.
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