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You will be in trouble if/when it does. Your woman will be the only one on the court afraid. Most men that hunt won't stop because you are hitting at them. They get that in men's doubles. They will tend to stop when you hunt at the woman. She really is doing something wrong. She's still playing with him and basically condones it if she stays out there with him after he does it. She is saying she is okay with him hunting the female on the other side...that is until it happens to her. You should protect your female at all times on the court and the best way to do that is hunt everybody on the other side of the net including the woman. Otherwise, you won't have your mixed partner for long. You will go through them faster than Wilt Chamberlain.

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I know you are asking for the female perspective, sorry, can't give that. If it was social match, I'd have a different answer, but this is league. Target the weaker person.

However, to me, targeting the weaker player and hunting (the title of the thread) are two different things. If someone were to 'hunt' my partner, there will be trouble. But it would never occur to me to hunt their partner, as they did nothing wrong.

Fortunately, while I've seen hunting, it has not happened on my court (knock on wood).
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