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Originally Posted by librarysteg View Post
Is this typical for him or something unique to this tournament? I don't know anything about this side of tennis for any of the players. I'd imagine a lot of the bigger names travel with some type of security, don't they?
Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. That one time Roger had trouble, they had to assign him security once he got to China because he hadn't traveled with any. Rafa doesn't really like to travel with too much security, so they assign him more once he shows up here to the USO so he won't get fan-mobbed.

What I think Clarky is taking issue with -- though I don't presume to speak for him/her -- is the ostensible degree of caution ... like, it's one thing to have two or three bodyguards, but are twenty really necessary?

Though I guess if you're a citizen of a war-torn country, your perspective on that might well be different. (Though I also can't see it traveling to ... you know, Belgium. On the other hand, I was a Rafa fan sitting (unwittingly) among several drunk Novak fans at the 2010 USO, where seats are assigned, and I was seriously contemplating asking security there whether I could move because I was concerned for my own safety.)
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