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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
rome 2006 - fed had taken set 4 : 6-2
RG 2006 - fed had taken set 1 : 6-1

next ?

Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
Don't bother. It isn't worth it.

He refuses to recognize simple facts, like, for example, that there is a
difference between single event (a set) and a pattern (consequence of matches, featurig the same play, opponents and results at completely different venues and conditions).

Like I wrote, the description is tailormade for him.

Oh, expect that he says, that 6-1 is not like 6-0.
Just like I expect you to say that Novak winning 8 straight games against Nadal at RG isn't the same as beating him down again.

But Tennis_Hands: you really have a lot of nerve. You want a carbon copy of your expectations of Djokovic replicated on the tennis court, and you expect me to give you some slack when it comes to distinguishing a bagel from a breadstrick? I don't think so. So NO. A bagel is NOT a breadstick. I need an explanation of how Federer won a game 6-0 against Nadal, not 6-1.

Have a taste of your own medicine.

Originally Posted by abmk View Post
Before 2011, h2h was 16-7 in favour of nadal

all 7 of djokovic's wins were on HC and *all* were in *straights* ... he won all those by blowing nadal off court

nadal outlasted him every other time, including on HC ....

the pattern that changed in 2011 was that nole beat nadal at his own game ... even on HC, djoker didn't blow nadal off court, he grinded him down, outlasted him .... nole beating nadal on HC isn't a big surprise , but it was the pattern which he used that was a 'surprise'.

So let's not kid ourselves by saying , oh, nole used to beat him before on HC, its not a big deal if he does it in 2011 and later ...

After a tense 3 setter vs murray @ rome in 2011, he appeared as fresh as ever in the final and beat nadal in straights by grinding him down, not going for all out offense

I'm not saying this is 'proof' of nole doping , but things did change in 2011 & later and it was a significant change
Novak never had fitness problems. So, to put it on your words: "Next"

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