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I agree with that...and I think it can get really tricky at 8.0 mixed(where you eluded to) because at that level the 4.5 man can possibly even be closer to a 5.0(the case many times in sanctioned matches as people are trying to win or qualify). Women need to be very careful about wanting to play 8.0 mixed especially as a 3.5 rated player. it could get ugly. I'm talking Shciavonie or Stepenak ugly here.

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I think you hit the nail on the head with the bolded bit. The weaker player should be the target.

Prolem is that mixed allows for much wider skill ranges to be playing against each other. For example in men's combo yeah you can be a 4.5 and one of your opponents is a 4.0, so that is one level difference. But in mixed you can be a 4.5 male and one of your opponents is a 3.5 woman, roughly equivalent to a 3.0 male, so that is 3 levels difference.

This is why mixed is often not going to be good, high-quality tennis (although it can be fun socially).
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