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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Basically braking so I don't go too fast and kill myself.
So you are not carving, but skidding/sliding...

"A carved turn is distinguishable by its subsequent "pencil line" mark left in the snow. This indicates that only the edge of the board made contact with the snow, and no skidding took taking place during the turn. The rider is using pressure, twist and tilt to get only the side of the board into the snow. Then engaging the sidecut edge which determines the carved turn shape. This type of turn causes the board to bend and store a large amount of potential energy during the turn. Allowing this potential energy to be released and then used to propel the boarder into the next turn. The act requires the snowboarding skills of twist, tilt, and pressure to engage the edge into the snow and start the turn. No pivoting should be involved while the edge of the board is engaged with the snow as it will cause skidding, or the edge to release from the snow."

"A carve turn is a skiing term, used to refer to a turning technique in which the ski shifts to one side or the other on its edges. In this case, the ski turns itself and is driven by the sidecut geometry while losing no speed, unlike a normal parallel turn."

From CASI's official website

I get that I should be responsible for people in front of me, and that I should avoid them too. But at the same time, I'm just speaking out to people who don't ride according to their limit.
If you can't handle a certain slope, then don't be on that slope.
I agree that one should pick the terrain according to skill. However, there is absolutely nothing that can prevent people from chellenging themselves on harder runs - deal with it.
I guess you would be also really irritated having to pass a carver (real carver), linking the pencil thin, full C turns down an advanced run, while you are trying to staraightline the fall line...
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