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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Another example is when you 16 main racket that skips 7&9T and your mains tie off at 6T. Now you going to have two strings blocking 7T. Put the awl in before you run the 7th main run one string under the awl and the other over. When you're ready to tie off slide the handle back insert the tail to be tied off and remove the awl.

In this situation you will have a blocked hole (7T) on each side of the racket so a second pathfinder awl will be useful. For those of you that have one and don't want it let me know.
EDIT: Maybe in this situation the ST model where you can take the handle off would be useful as it gets it out of the way. Just remember one goes outside in while the other goes inside out (opposite direction of the string.) if you get them both in the wrong way run in the bottom cross before the one above it.

Sorry for the double post can't get used to the iPad and Tapatalk.
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