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Will be too soft and lively for this particular application in such an open pattern.

I'd go for something stiffer/deader.

If you don't want to go the 4G route, then something like WC Silversting 16 would probably work.

Yonex PTP 16 would also probably work as well.

Both control orientated consistent strings.

I'd avoid anything too lively or springy.
I'll almost certainly be checking out PTP in the 99s. It's a poly I liked a lot in my previous frame, the J100.

Read through this thread, there are claims that Dunlop Ice, which is really affordable, is similar to 4G:
I may well investigate this.

The Luxilon 4G S 141 is specifically for the 99S it is fantastic at holding tension!
And I may well investigate this too. Would love to hear from others on how this contrasts with reg 4G, ppls overall impressions, etc.
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