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Carving is for the runs you can easily handle, have no moguls, is groomed corduroy, sorta wide and not too crowded. Around Tahoe, Heavenly, Northstar, and Sierra are spots with some of the best carving conditions.
Skidding, sideslipping, and checking your speed with rebounding turns off the upperface of a mogul is what you do in advanced terrain which is usually pockmarked with "volkswagon" sized steep moguls.
I like both, can handle carving for maybe 2 hours, then bored and deteriorating conditions, go to the soft boot short board combo for some goofing around fun and cruising....and as many halfpipe runs as my riding partners would allow, always hiking the way back up.
NOBODY, not the best pro, can CARVE Chute75 at Squaw. Just too steep and narrow, although often smooth as silk from recent snowfalls and it's steepness. Your ride there by jump turning and linking turns as close as possible.
Carving on crowded runs is just irresponsible and waiting to get your ticket pulled by ski patrol.
I like the linked 3/4" wide carve channel followed by 12' of air between the turns as much as the next hardboot guy, but also know it's something that is reserved for the right conditions at the right time.
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