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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Last q: did MD hit with both the Blade and the Steam and what was the ball like from him.
MD did indeed set foot on the steamy court w/ both sticks. due to the balance and higher SW, the Blade was too sluggish for me. late on contact resulted in some balls sailing on me. when i hit it right, i thought it hit a heavy ball with driving spin - not looping spin. w/ my swing, i normally hit more driving spin w/ tighter patterns. also the spin wasn't the funky unpredictable type of sidespin + topspin that i can generate w/ the BC20 though - the spin action was just 2D. i liked the feel of the Blade, but just couldn't handle the SW over time.

with the Steam, a few shots kicked up surprising Gads, but for the most part, we were able to return the balls off the Steam string beds without making much adjustment. his shots off his pro stock sticks give me more trouble than the Steam shots and based on watching Gads returning my shots, i believe the Steam struck balls were easier for him than the BC20 struck balls.

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