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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
But I don't believe that everyone on the ATP rankings can afford P1 Gold Service.

I'm not sure Male #578 can afford P1 Gold.

A P1 guy can fully customize a Gold client's maximum amount of racquets (50) for less than $40,000.

For example:

Let's say Federer uses a 10 Wilson racquet bag and uses it only for his racquets (I don't know if he does or not).

Let's say on average, a P1 guy can customize a Federer racquet in around 25 minutes.

So, 50 x 25= 1250 minutes or 20 hours roughly 8-9 minutes. They could easily just have more than one guy string his racquets.

Federer's "people" can just place the rest of the racquets in 4 other 10-pack racquet bags and transfer it from place to place. Shipping and handling fees from traveling may stack up in price, but no where near $40,000.

I know for sure that this would not equal $40,000.
I was going to try and actually write up an answer to your pretty comical (unintentionally so) post and it's logic. But instead I think I'll just:

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