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Originally Posted by PED View Post
^^Excellent, thanks MD. The steam takes some time to adjust to. Here now in week 2, I've noticed I'm finally picking up on the subtleties of making it work.
No probs...Gads and I were talking about the same thing - hitting with it for an extended period to adjust to. our BIG concern was string life. after less than 60 mins of hitting, the mains on both demo sticks were all a mess. i pulled on the center mains at the throat and they were so loose that if felt like there was literally no tension on them. i'd like to restring one myself to see if the JayCee method will help to extend the string life and put even more action on the ball. i came away after 60 mins with a good impression. it's a nice feeling stick. definitely hits some nasty slices, but so does the BC20 and Gadsy w/ his TGKs. there's no way regardless of how much time i spend with it that it'll be a game changer for me. no question if i spent more time with it, i'd would be able to hit better, but the same goes with any stick. not sure i want to spend $$ and 2 months to gain a bit here but lose a bit there.
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