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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
But I don't believe that everyone on the ATP rankings can afford P1 Gold Service.

I'm not sure Male #578 can afford P1 Gold.

A P1 guy can fully customize a Gold client's maximum amount of racquets (50) for less than $40,000.

For example:

Let's say Federer uses a 10 Wilson racquet bag and uses it only for his racquets (I don't know if he does or not).

Let's say on average, a P1 guy can customize a Federer racquet in around 25 minutes.

So, 50 x 25= 1250 minutes or 20 hours roughly 8-9 minutes. They could easily just have more than one guy string his racquets.

Federer's "people" can just place the rest of the racquets in 4 other 10-pack racquet bags and transfer it from place to place. Shipping and handling fees from traveling may stack up in price, but no where near $40,000.

I know for sure that this would not equal $40,000.
The Gold Service only includes stringing for the 4 slams, masters series, year end championship, and in some situations davis cup ties. Therefore it would not make sense for "#578" to sign up for this service. They would go for the next step down Silver or even Bronze if they do not want a dedicated handle mold. I don't understand why you guys are dogging on P1 so hard. If they were overcharging for their services they wouldn't be servicing so many of the top guys in the world. There is a demand for their service and they charge accordingly. I've had conversations with Nate about customizing for myself, I play D1, and trust me, they are having no problem whatsoever finding clients. If anything they are struggling to keep up with the demand for their service.

Edit: I have also used P1, RPNY, and some no name services for my customizing and for an entire package of customer service, attention to detail, and quality of work, P1 wins in a LAND SLIDE. They are the best in the business plain and simple.
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