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Originally Posted by mcnota View Post
I used a pure drive cortex (the 2008 model, the one before gt) and the cortex could be pretty easily peeled off, bought it from an extremely reputable tennis shop in the best club in my country, happened on 2 of the rackets i bought.

why does babolat advertise that the ''cortex'' actually goes through the throat of the frame when it is just a piece of plastic?

needless to say i will never purchase babolat again.

Also the aeropro is extremely fragile, ill admit i did throw it onto the ground but by no means did i smash it into the ground, it cracked at 2'o clock.
You're referring to the plastic piece that signifies a racquet has cortex. The actual technology is in the handle.

We recommend not throwing racquets as this increases the chances of them breaking.

Sorry to hear you go, but have fun out there!
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