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Since the hairpin is a 'U' beam design, it's not 'hollow' like the Prince Pro or Yonex 7500; but each 'side' of the 'U' is a tubular design. I happen to have one with the butt cap and foam broken off..exposing the end of the hairpin. I can only imagine the swingweight and static weight if this were completely solid !

I played with the original squeaky, rattle-y, loose handle original version with the keystone shaped throat brace. K-Mart was kind enough to replace it when it broke after about two weeks. The replacement was the newer version with the 'S' throat brace and foam handle. The worse-than-Profected nylon strings lasted me less than a week and the grip not much longer. Dad was not happy with this $40 investment that cost another $10 in short order. IF we only knew!!! Good thing I went to work for a tennis shop about three years later!

I thought I was SOMEbody when I showed up with the Smasher instead of all the other shiny steel sticks the other kids had . Even made sure I used the Spalding Professional white balls(with colored seams) to assure harmony .
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