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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Running it down is not the only issue. Nadal's extreme spin also does a lot to force errors from his opponent. The number of errors still (and will always) exceeds the number of winners. Anything then you can add to your game to force an error is a bonus.

As I posted, last week I hit for two hours against a 5.0. My shots had much more spin on them and dropped much more sharply. The 5.0 had trouble timing them and really didn't adjust within the 2 hours. The increase in spin then forced errors from him.
I agree, but I was responding to the statement that this racquet gives you more spin which means you can swing the racquet harder. Harder does not equal more ball speed by any means, that is why pro males will not use this frame, they can generate spin on their own then it is necessary.
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