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Most certainly a subject of debate.
Most would say TahoeDonner rates the worst.
Squaw still Tahoes best ski mountain, the steepest with the most moguls, and it's going downhill and credibility lately with all the powderpuff runs where expert runs used to be.
Alpine in there, much shorter runs, but right there and also a better boarding mountain.
Heavenly IS, if you hit top of Nevada side bright and early. Motts and Killebrew help raise the image of a bunny groomed slope. Used to love racing the chair down the Face and Gunbarrel, but that was a long time ago.
Kirkwood is the well discovered undercover mountain. Really, think about it, only TWO lifts worth hoot, but plenty of hikein take hours off your ticket riding.
Sierra is sentimental favorite for me, but lots pass on by to bigger things. It's tight, with lots of tree runs, and plenty of chutes and gullies if you know the RGarden and E slopes OOB's.
Hate to say it. I LOVE DonnerSkiRanch. Where it all started, still very remedial in amenities, but what a great small mountain. Lots of pro days there, wagon trains and slalom gates.
Bowl...some real hard core lovers there. Kinda cool, with the separate mountain and that's where you start your drop down to oleHighway40 and the Lake. Some say the chutes on a windless post storm heaven on earth.
I rate Homewood and Rose very similar. Great on pow days, worthless if it's been dry for a week.
Boreal.....true LA boarding up here in Tahoe. But when the Pipe is ripe, it ranks primo of all the resorts.
Oh, the STAR....what a waste in the old days, but the two new lifts facing N are fine, albeit short, and it's carver heaven for skis and snowboards with all the blue groomies. Plenty of freshies even days post storm, the trees opening to some nice stashes, and long pow boards advised to find them.
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