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very informative, thanks guys
Steer absolutely clear from caffeine before a hard workout. That "thump" you're feeling in your heart rate and blood pressure increasing. The latter is also the same reason why you become more vascular (veiny). Caffeine gives you zero muscular energy whatsoever and in exercise serves only to increase your rate of metabolism (fine if you're using it as a weight loss supplement, terrible if you need legit energy for endurance). It, along with guarana and taurine also act as diuretics (technically taurine is used to increase "focus", not be a stim or diruretic) so you end up losing water that you very much need. If you want real energy in a pinch, look at Hammer or GU gels. They're a blend of complex carbs and amino acids without any caffeine. The former especially will perk you right up.

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