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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
I have never seen that version with his signature in green on the side.
Me too!! Very interested to see a pic!

I also think the following: in 1990, the racquet was still available (grafil injection and in some countries those with tourquise chevrons and glossy finishing) with the old denomination (200g) as well as the new one (200gpro) which would have replaced the old one by 1991.

These pro are not really "pro" in the "old" acception (limited lots with maybe some difference). It was just the new way to call the racquet, that in some markets appeared later and in some other sooner.

Then, starting from 1991 the official name of the racquet turned definitively into "200g pro". I believe that the proII and proIII are signed that way because are the "pro" versions of the "standard" ones, that after 1991 was called 200gpro. Sort of pro version of a 200gpro: (200gpro)pro = 200gproII
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