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Originally Posted by yourname1245 View Post
i like a real heavy swingweight and a lower static weight... so far i did six 8" strips of 1/4 lead up at 12 o'clock.... then i did three 8" strips around the handle right above the buttcap. im looking to add more but im not sure what direction i should go from here. maybe six 10" strips at 12 o'clock.
every few days it feels like i have gotten stronger and the racquet feels lighter.

anyone have any input. also my sticks started without any lead and just silicone.
I have 2 head pp ig prostock, both came leaded up from 10' to 2' o'clock more than one layer. Both had silicone. I added a about 4" of lead to 3 and 9 for added stability. One came in at 365sw and the other is about 352sw. I found the 365sw too powerful and lost control. For me sw of 350-355 is just the right amount. It still allows me to swing fast and get good rpm on the ball. The static weight is about 12.4 with 7 Points HL (strung with over grip). I have played at 12.6 but ss suffered.

While a heavy racket might seem light, it is also good to be able to hit sharp angles with more spin, be nimble at the net, and be able to flick a wrist for defense. There is a point of deminishing return when it comes to sw. Ultimately it is up to you to find your balance.
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