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Originally Posted by kragster View Post
Your opinion was that Nadal/Djoker etc are better but not much better than Hewitt/Roddick etc. Since raw accomplishments go against this assertion, the onus is on you to prove this, with a reference point that does not include Fed as it becomes circular logic as soon as Fed is involved .
Roddick is 3-7 against Nadal, with 8 of those matches coming when Roddick was past his prime. And he is 5-4 against Djokovic with ALL of those matches coming past his prime. He has shown he isn't too far below them right there, with a combined 8-11 record against them, where 17 of those matches have taken place after Roddick's prime.

Hewitt is a combined 3-13 against Nadal and Djokovic but almost all those matches have come past his prime when he was injury-ridden. He still troubles Djokovic whenever they meet, which is pretty impressive considering how far below his peak-level Hewitt is right now. He is a 2-time Grand Slam champion (and a former #1 with a substantial number of weeks at the top), more than what Murray is right now. So if Murray is considered Djokovic's main competition right now, Hewitt is for certain not too far below Djokovic's calibre either, surely?

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