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Hey Daniel,

Have a question for you about Babolat bags. I recently switched over to playing with the new 2013 Aero Pro an like to have a bag that matches the brand of racquet I use. TW has a great deal on the previous version of the Aero bags so I picked up the 9 pack. I was coming from a Head 6 pack bag and found the Aero 9 pack to be a bit bigger on the outside but unfortunately about the same size inside. I don't really care to go to the 12 pack as I feel they look way too large for a rec player to tote around.

Do you have any experience with the new revamped line of Aero bags? On TW, it says they are a bit wider and not as tall. Are the new bags larger? Would you suggest another Babolat 9 pack bag, like the Team line? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
Team Radical
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