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So hit briefly today.

It was about 35-40 outside and this racket is string with full bed of shapped poly at what feels like mid-high tension, so even with the silicone in the handle the feel of the racket is a bit buzzy. I think NRG2 mains with a smooth poly will work much better.

This stick plays like a heavier, tighter stingbed IG Instinct, both rackets have that thick but narrow beam and are of high stiffness. That's not a bad thing, as that racket did have a lot of good qualities and the Pro's tighter stringbed should take care of control issues.

Speaking of which, my main concern about there being too much power is put to rest, the tight pattern really did keep the ball trajectory down and I could really swing out with confidence.

I'm flying out to Mexico on wednesday so we'll see how it plays with softer stringbed, I'll probably record some hitting.
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