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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Which do you think are better for you in terms of both weight control and general health, Grape Nuts (nuggets, not flakes)
Am I missing anything here in terms of weight control or general health? Any other factors worth considering?
4 pages and no answer to your question . neither one is better than the other . cereal no matter what kind or if its "healthy" or not is sugar , milk is sugar .. eat both by themselves , you body secrets a hormone called insulin and you store fat , period end of story .. control insulin levels by having a good ratio of protein , carbs and fats at EACH meal .. better option for your breakfast would be 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs ( 5 total) scrambled and you choice of cereal to go with it . this will control your blood sugar for a much longer period of time and you you feel great .. dont get caught up in calories , calories really dont have much to do with weight gain or weight loss
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