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Originally Posted by vandre View Post
i was a computer rated 4.0 due to the fact i played 3 seasons of d3 tennis in college before a ten year layoff. i wasn't allowed to register for a 3.5 league until i got 3 pros i'd hit with to email the usta coordinator. after all that even, i'm still a mediocre 3.5 as i've never dominated in any 3.5 league i've played in. the point is, the computer sucks and self-rating is problematic. if this player could enlist the help of some teaching pros, that might help. sure seemed to in my case.

off topic, but why do usta bumps only go up and not down? they always expect you to get better but they don't think you'd ever get any worse. then again, the friggin' sandbaggers would be all over that if they did. okay. forget i asked!
Most folks just leave out the fact that they played college tennis and take a rating their 1st year and are sandbagging to win whatever level team they are on. The key to winning in USTA is find the unrated gems in your section. Too bad so many folks seem to think that is ok.. instead of playing where they belong. Last summer a group in my section of 3.5s that have never played USTA... rated at 3.0 and killed the other teams. Great stuff..not
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