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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Jason was supposidly switching....but I really could care less if they do or not. If it works for me, that's all that matters. But your stamements like "the racquet sucks, because it launches balls" just makes your tennis IQ look low. You could make the same statements about the Pure Drive, APD or Juice or any powerful tweener.
The pure drive+apd I have used and yes they are powerful, but they seemed easier to control than the 99s. I tested the 99 for a good week with different strings and tensions.
Like I mentioned before with new poly at high tension I could play pretty well with it but after only a hour you could tell it started losing its control. But I know I am not near as good as the rest of you and have low tennis IQ. According to the other thread on this racket the poll says the majority feel as I do.
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