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Originally Posted by jacp View Post
Thanx season25.
Wouldn't addition of lead in upper hoop and same amount in handle increase plow?
I am thinking of basically matching weight and HL of Dunlop to Wilson.
Am I on right track.
That's pretty much what I've tried to do (leather grip was an extra 12 grams
+ 10 grams around the head), but then I felt the stick being very sluggish and the sweet spot smaller. Don't know why that is. I've ended up with the weight of around 355, but with that weight the stick wasn't as maneuverable as the 6.1. The feel of the racquet also changed and I didn't like it. To me it's just not the same having that mass distribution equally all over the frame (I mean stock) comparing to adding some ''here and there''.
At the minute it's 340 with a Wilson Hybrid grip, an Wilson pro overgrip
and 3 grams of lead.
Anyway I'm really curious what You ae going to end up with Jack
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