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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
The best single players can compete in doubles but you can't assumed that they would also dominate the doubles specialists. Bobby insinuating the Bryans isn't that great because there were no top single players play double. Do you think Nadal or Nole chose to play double they would be better than the Bryans thus winning more than 13 slams??? The Bryans played together since they were a child. For all those years they perfected their game. They had perfect feel/sense for one another on court. If you replace one of them with one of the top single player, the rhythm breaks, the chemistry is gone, and of course the bond is gone. In case you didn't know, not all players can be a good double partner. Double players have to search/replace the player which they believe it will work out. They just don't blindly pick random player from the pro tour. The Bryans are unique.

Also, not all top single players were great in double when Mac was playing, so you(and bobby) can't assumed anything in this era.

In regard my post to Dan, I was correcting him that the Bryans set a record for winning 13 grand slam double titles. He refuses to accept the fact.

I'm probably wasting my time with this post because I can understand you supports Bobby, kiki, Dan because you are from the same fanbase.
TMF, When Newcombe-Roche were great they had to face very strong duos: Emerson-Laver, Rosewall-Stolle, Okker-Riessen, Hewitt-McMillan, Lutz-Smith and so on. The Bryans have nobody to face.
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