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Originally Posted by cluelessmoose View Post
Since getting my Steam 99s I've tried strings like Solinco Outlast, Isospeed Pulse, Polystar turbo 15, and Genesis Twisted Razor at tensions ranging from 55-65lb. Guess what, all of these lose so much tension within an hour or two of hard hitting (4.0-4.5) that the racket becomes an unplayable rocket launcher. Big surprise with this racket, right? So below are the strings that I am looking at trying out now. Which do you guys think has the best chance of holding up tension loss wise in the toy? I string with an electric constant pull tension head (Wise 2086) by the way.

Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 16
Babolat Revenge 16
Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue Rough 16
Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue 16 (is tension loss with this string about the same as the rough version?)

Thanks guys!
Thats exactly what I found but according to all the 99s rocket launcher fans in the other thread that I am all wrong and I am not good enough or do not use enough spin. But you are exactly right it can play pretty good for a while but then becomes way to powerful, within an hour with new strings.

I would suggest to you if you want to waste more time and money on this racket then get the 4g 15 gauge and string it at 68 lbs., maybe then you can get 2 hours out of it. I tried a lot of set ups and had the exact same experience you did.

So then i used my best control set up of gamma powerplay 18 gauge kevlar mains at 60lbs. with yonex poly tour spin x's at 65lbs and still did not like the power level. Thats when I knew I was done playing with this toy racket.
Pacific BX2 X Force pro. wilson sensation 17 G. 60 lbs.
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